Portland DEMS 2.0

An open network of Portland, ME DEMS using technology to strengthen our democracy!


Now is the time for all good [DEMS] to come to the aid of the party“!

Portland DEMS 2.0 is an open network of Democrats in Portland, Maine using technology to strengthen the heart of our party & our democracy!

Go NOW! to the Portland Democratic City Committee ( PDCC ) | Official Website | http://www.portlanddems.org and see what you can find out about how to get involved!

Then come straight back here, get connected with an open network of active DEMS, and let’s get to work!

PDCC has irregular (sort-of-monthly) meetings … PDCC Bylaws require at least 8 meetings / year*  … usually @ Portland Public Library (downstairs)

* PDCC Bylaws | Article IV |   Section 2.  Regular Meetings.  Regular meetings shall be held once a month except when the Executive Committee finds reason not to conduct a meeting.  However, regular meetings shall be held no less than 8 times a year.

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